As a famous factory of gas station industrial machinery products, YILUAN PETRO has been expanding its business scope while developing continuously since 2014. Gas station products have become one of the most important parts of the product range. YILUAN PETRO provides professional knowledge, design, professional products, and after-sales service.

Since the start, the factories we YILUAN PETRO choose to cooperate with have been insisting on independent PRODUCTION including the mold manufacture chain from design, molding, stamping, injection molding, and Production to packaging and transportation. It specializes in services with the fuel industry!

YILUAN PETRO currently specializes in the supply of the following fields: fuel dispensers, fuel nozzles, solenoid valves, liquefied petroleum gas dispensers, underground fuel pipes, fuel tanks, hoses, fuel pumps, and gas station accessories. And also provide specific suggestions and solutions for international customers.

YILUAN Has A History Of Success

For years and counting, YILUAN PETRO has stayed at the forefront of their industry and built a reputation for customer satisfaction. The industry has changed with the times, and YILUAN PETRO has been a leader when it comes to recognizing and adapting to customer and supplier trends.

No One Beats us Product And Prices

YILUAN PETRO works tirelessly to update and expand our inventory in order to provide customers with premium products at the most affordable price possible. Whether you need fuel dispenser, air compressor, generator, pump, or other systems supplies, the odds are very high that YILUAN PETRO has it in stock, often cheaper and available faster than other industry suppliers.

Product Knowledge Is Unmatched

You want to buy products from people who know your industry, and YILUAN PETRO sales representatives have expertise in product-related needs and trends. Ensuring that customers complete their shopping with a smile and confidence is important for us to find what they want.


The reliable business relationship has also been developed over the past several years between YILUAN PETRO and customers all over the world, resulting in the design and development of a wide range of machine products.The company’s growth and development has been steady and innovative with a primary focus on quality and meeting the individual needs of a diverse client base, ensured the ongoing provision of YILUAN PETRO quality service to clients.