Since the start, the factories we have been insisting on independent producton including the sould manufacture chain from design, molding, stamping, injection molding and Production to packaging and transportation.

A streamlined manufacture in each single factory can promise customers a full control over product quality and cost’s saving.

Our Manufacturing Partners also have various tooling machine and facilities to support the production line all stages of design and manufacture, from concept to finish, in a highly focused effort to bring industry lever products and service to you.

We design our new products by using advanced skills and innovative processes which are developed by our R& D team. 

At the product design phase, equipment engineers and manufacturing staff discuss frequently the overall features of our products and figure out the most optimal process for each of products. 

To sum up, we have developed our products and manufacturing equipments through integration of production processes which also become the success key for us to achieve efficient and mass production.


To gain access to markets with the most rigorous standards for machine and machine quality control, we surely understand that you need to ensure your products maintain the highest standards. 

By certifying our design, production, and distribution processes, machine quality management proves to regulators and you that our machine products are all of the highest standards – thereby fostering trust and boosting your reputation.

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